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All Bodies Deserve Respect

AnyBody UK is a team of volunteers dedicated to eradicating diet culture and support body image across the UK and internationally with our other teams worldwide

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance education of body image issues amongst government, education and youth sector bodies, the media and the public in general by the raising of awareness, provision of training, advice and support.

Ditching Diets

Our previous campaign Ditching Dieting targeted the diet industry’s damaging effect on the health of the UK and beyond, bolstered by profit and founded on discredited measures of health such as BMI.

Join us in speaking out agians the misery caused by the diet industry. Become a part of the Ditching Dieting movement.

Play Not Weigh

In October 2019, we launched a campaign to raise awareness of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) and let parents know that they could opt out of the scheme. 

We are contining to speak out against this damaging practice.

Shape Your Culture

We set up Shape Your Culture in 2012 with a grant from Rosa UK. SYC began as a project with young women in schools and youth groups, asking them what they wanted to see, hear, say and do. From this starting point we encouraged and facilitated projects where participants expressed their frustration, honed their messages and creatively used their voices. The results were truly excellent and inspiring.

Join our mission to ditch diet culture

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